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Sad face reflected
In the coins that strangers kindly toss
Fresh wounds mixed with old, healed scars
Memories of life that’s lost

How low can you fall
Before you alter your existence
How long can you crawl
Before your life gets torn apart
How low can you fall
Before your numbness shapes resistance
Recall the heavy maul
The maul that crushed you down

CH: Tired! You carry on
Tired! And never learn
Tired! A carrion
Tired! Point of no return

A battered body
From the stones that strangers easily cast
Tears have never brought relief
Never ending agony

How slow is the to
Before you reach the bottom distance
How long is the call
Before your voice is finally heard
Hollow tales of woe
Sweat wiped off with persistence
Alone, can you draw
The stone that rolls back down

CH: Tired!…

We will walk in hell
Side by side!
Walk in hell…
Buried alive

CH: Tired!…


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