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Lost in the void of deception
Beguiled by engaging lies
Stiff rules are due to objection
Reaching the sudden demise

We bring down all our enemies
Self-styled leaders and wannabies
Immersed in vivid fantasies
We’re here to fight your world!

CH: The army of salvation
Ready to set us free
Uprising of new nation
We’ll tear down the tyranny

Soldiers stand at attention
Product of brand new breed
Born out of exploitation
We will fight for victory

We are here to lead the way
(R)evolution day

Our words spread like infection
Divided we shall unite
This is the day of inception
There’s nowhere you can hide

The end of false authority
No more artificial liberty
Let loose ties that bind you and me
We’re here to fight your world!

CH: The army…

Wash down
Wash down blood off my hands

Cries of salvation echo within the walls of pain
Disturbance that trembles the foundations of your beliefs
As the drops of blood sink into the soil..

Wash down


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