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In my arms you will find the shelter
Spread your wings and learn to fly
Trust me!
I am the one and only
Lust, greed!
Mark of a fallen god

CH: Lose myself
In the oblivion
Why do I still crave for more
Fallen god
Imperfect metaphor

Caught in between the lies and sin
Never give in, never lose hope, never give up
Caught in between the lies and sin
Never give up, never lose your hope

Never give up on me..

Beliefs I betray
Break the order of the day
Devoid of emotions
(but I am self-conscious)

Numbness, come what may
It’s the price I have to pay
For I am flawed
Fallen god!

Look into my eyes and whisper
I will make your dreams come true
I am
Immortal and eternal
Old man
On brink of lunacy

CH: Lose myself…

I… will never give in
I… will never give up


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