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As I fade away..

Exhale and last of my breaths
Is carried away to isolation
Embraced by emptiness
Forever in separation
As I die!

Holding to what is real
Though my muscles are dead still
All is so unclear
Dead corpse trauma
I wish I could
Say all these words
But my lips are closed
All forgotten

CH: Fade away!
I fade away
Death’s calling
I fade away
Death’s calling my name

Flatline, a constant beep
Watch my face as if asleep
My dream is so deep
Dead corpse trauma
Cold is the hand
Cold is the heart
Being set apart
Non existent

Replay life memories
Do I deserve condemnation
Dismay, purgatory
Mind coerced termination

I… am… no… more
Con…damned… for… all
Lifeless, empty
Ascend deftly
Break loose, diffuse
I am no more!

Hold on to my last breath
How I wish to cheat on death
But she’s here for me
There is no end
There is no time
Moment so divine
Worth believing in

CH: Fade away!…


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