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I had no chance to say goodbye
No one had seen it coming
Pain is everlasting
My tears can’t wash it down

The grief that eats me up inside
All I have left is nothing
Sadness I keep masking
My face keeps being drawn

The things I could have said… gone

Bury me deep
Bury the suffering in my heart

I’m all alone, can’t find myself now, oh I am so lost
Since you’ve been gone, you – who I loved the most
Although the door is closed, although the silence’s profound
I still hear your voice, I can still feel you around

My tears can’t wash it down

How can I live without you?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Now you are gone forever
It’s beyond my graspings

Watching the pictures of my past
And how you made me better
Question I keep asking
Why you’ve forsaken me

Oh how I wish to be… numb

Bury me deep
Bury the suffering, let it sleep

So please don’t wake the pain
In my heart!

How can I live without you?
Please come back


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